It’s announced, OM are preparing a crazy transfer window

Former recruiter and sports director, Pablo Longoria has always felt like a fish in water during transfer window periods. He has also shown it since his arrival at Olympique de Marseille with huge changes in the squad each off-season… and this summer should be no exception!

The evolution of the projectOM in recent years is undeniable, despite the lackluster performance in the Champions League group stage this season. However, it is based on the enormous work of Pablo Longoria, who with each transfer window completely revolutionizes the team in place.

Summer will be hot at OM

This should probably be repeated this summer, since RMC Sports confirm the information of The Team, announcing a very turbulent transfer window. According to the radio, there should be a lot of movement at theOM over the next few weeks, both on departures and on arrivals.

Many hot issues to settle for Pablo Longoria

I have to say that Pablo Longoria will have to settle several hot issues, with players coming to the end of their contracts or their loans. This is particularly the case ofAlexis Sanchezwhich became the spearhead of the attack on theOM this season and who does not yet seem to have made a decision on his future.