‘Rust’, in which Alec Baldwin shot and killed cinematographer, resumes filming

The film ‘Rust’, although not yet released, made headlines for what happened on the set. It is now 18 months on but the incident has continued to be talked about in the meantime. Alec Baldwin accidentally shot the director of photography, Halyna Hutchins, which resulted in her death.

Well, after all this happened and all the lawsuits that have followed, filming has resumed almost two years later in Montana. This has been confirmed by the film’s production company, Rust Move Productions, and they also say that filming will continue at the Yellowstone Film Ranch and not where it was originally planned. It has been reported that Alec Baldwin is retaining his role as actor and producer.

What charges has Alec Baldwin faced after taking the life of the cinematographer?

In January, murder charges were filed by the New Mexico State Attorney’s Office against the actor when he fired the prop gun at Halyna, which being loaded with live ammunition killed her. It was bizarre because such bullets are prohibited on film sets.

He was not the only one charged with manslaughter; Hannah Gutierrez Reed, the security protocol officer, was also charged. Finally, David Halls, the assistant director who gave the actor the gun, agreed to a misdemeanor charge with the prosecution.

Both Baldwin and the protocol officer have denied responsibility. The latter has always claimed that she checked that the cartridges she had loaded the gun with were blanks and that she checked them closely.

The production company also had to pay 100,000 dollars to the New Mexico authorities last month for security breaches committed during the shooting.