Queen Consort Camilla’s son takes swipe at Prince Harry for insulting his mother

In his ‘Spare‘ memoir, Prince Harry floats the idea that Camilla Parker Bowles has always been playing the long game and she only had her sights in someday becoming queen. This is the main reason King Charles III is angry towards his youngest son and why he stopped receiving his calls. Making Queen Consort Camilla an enemy won’t go well with the king himself, regardless of who you are within the Royal Family. It was pretty clear from the very start of their secret relationship that Charles and Camilla have always been madly in love with each other. Both of them married other people because they were following tradition but Princess Diana’s untimely passing opened the door for a new opportunity Camilla and Charles decided to take.

They have virtually spent their entire lives together now and come May 6, both of them will be crowned as king and queen consort. One of Camilla’s children is Tom Parker Bowles, who can be considered a distant Prince Harry brother. He recently appeared on The News Agents podcast to talk about these attacks to his mother. He was quick to dismiss any of those claims made inside the book, Tom Parker Bowles is convinced his mother has always been in love with the king. This relationship has been very well documented since it started and Prince Charles was still married to Princess Diana. There was an understanding that Camilla was the mistress at the time.

What did Tom Parker Bowles say about Queen Camilla?

Peep at what Tom Parker Bowles just said during this podcast and how he responds to Prince Harry’s attacks in ‘Spare’: “I think change happens but I don’t care what anyone says – this wasn’t any sort of end game. She married the person she loved and this is what happened. I think anyone would be anxious on an occasion of this sort of importance in terms of the historical. And yes, I think I’d be terrified if I had to sort of walk out wearing ancient robes. She’s 75, but you know, it’s tough to do it. But she’s never complained. You just do it. get on with it. I think they’re doing amazingly. I think King Charles is a good, kind, intelligent man who cares deeply about his roles wherever they may be, Prince of Wales, the King.