Dillon Brooks doesn’t respect LeBron James: “I don’t care, he’s old”

LeBron James‘ 20 NBA season have been filled with enemies, but it took two decades for one to top the list: Dillon Brooks. The Memphis Grizzlies‘ guard-forward has emerged as the all-time scoring leader’s main foe, with persistent trash talking on and off the court.

On Wednesday night’s Game 2 matchup between the Lakers and Grizzlies, Brooks called LeBron a “motherf****ng bum”, and stared him down several times after sinking shots (with LBJ not returning the favor). But what took the cake was when Dillon Brooks said he doesn’t respect the Lakers’ star.

“I don’t care, he’s old”, Brooks said about LeBron

In a post-game interview, Brooks spoke about LeBron and told reporters: “I don’t care, he’s old”. The Grizzlies’ player implied that James started getting back in his face once he was in foul trouble: “I was waiting for that. I was expecting for him to do that in Game 4 or Game 5, but he wanted to say something once I got my fourth foul. He should have said something earlier on”.

“I poke bears”, Brooks said with an air of pride. “I don’t respect anyone till they come and give me 40 (points)”, he claimed, throwing an apparent challenge towards the Lakers superstar. “I pride myself on defense, and taking any challenge that’s on the board”, he concluded.

Saturday’s Game 3 in LA (10:00 pm ET) should be an interesting one. The series are tied 1-1, and it’ll remain to be seen if LeBron James can hit 40+ points and enter Brooks‘ “respect” threshold.