‘Hot ginger’ Prince Harry will skip coronation concert to avoid ‘fireworks’ with Katy Perry

Prince Harry will reportedly be missing the Coronation concert to avoid any awkward encounters with pop singer Katy Perry. In 2012, Perry made flirty comments about the Prince on The Graham Norton Show. Perry had been asked about rumours that Prince Harry had requested her to join the guest list for the late Queen’s diamond jubilee “by name”, to which she responded: “Prince Harry? He’s a hot ginger isn’t he.”

When comedian Ross Noble quipped that Harry was known for his love of the ladies, Perry joked: “I’d be open to that.” Perry also joked about Cheryl, who was rumoured to have been seen chatting to Harry at the Jubilee Concert after party, saying “Get off my man!”

It seems that Harry is now good friends with Perry’s fianc, Orlando Bloom, and Meghan is said to hold a grudge against Perry for her critical comment about her wedding dress during a promotional tour in the US for American Idol, where Perry said she “would’ve done one more fitting” in relation to the wedding dress Meghan was wearing.

Harry will avoid any awkward encounter

It’s unclear how much these comments have contributed to Harry’s decision to avoid the Coronation concert, but it’s certainly a possibility. A source told The Daily Star: “Meghan is keenly aware of a comment that Katy Perry made in 2018 about her wedding dress and is notorious for holding a grudge. While the comment wasn’t meant to be hurtful, Meghan felt under siege at that time and was overwhelmed by arguments with staff, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Thomas Markle.” It seems that the remarks still remain raw for Meghan, who is believed to have “held a grudge” after the wedding dress comments.

In any case, Harry won’t be present at the Coronation concert, so there won’t be any awkwardness with Perry. The concert is set to feature big names like Take That and Lionel Richie, and will be attended by some 20,000 members of the public.