Cavinder twins team up with Jake Paul’s Betr in a power move to boost social media stardom

Twin sisters Haley and Hanna Cavinder have decided to cut their final year of eligibility for the Miami Hurricanes and instead focus on their social media presence, including partnerships with various companies under Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deals. The twins have just announced that they will be teaming up with Jake Paul and his company, Betr, to accelerate the growth of their brand.

The Cavinder Twins will be joining Betr as business partners and headline faces for the female audience of the company, which focuses on gambling and media.

Their “Twin Talk” podcast will now also be appearing on Betr. Haley and Hanna expressed their excitement in partnering with Paul and his company: “Betr gives us the ability to accelerate the growth of The Cavinder Twins brand in a focused and truly authentic manner. We love sports, thrive on competition, and enjoy creating and bringing ideas to life. Betr truly makes The Cavinder Twins and our brand that much better and bigger.”

Joey Levy, co-founder of Jake Paul’s Betr, shared his excitement about the partnership as well: “We are thrilled to partner with the Cavinder Twins, who have already accomplished so much and are just scratching the surface of their potential. Betr Media’s objective is to attract, enhance, and amplify the next wave of generational content creators, and this partnership is a testament to that approach. Our talent flywheel is continuing to get stronger, and we are just getting started.”

They could be stepping into wrestling

The Cavinder Twins have a strong social media presence, with millions of followers on TikTok and Instagram. They have also signed an NIL deal with the WWE and have hinted at the possibility of stepping into the wrestling ring in the future.

In a world where social media influencers are becoming more and more popular, Haley and Hanna Cavinder have taken a bold step in focusing on their brand and presence on social media platforms.

This partnership with Jake Paul and Betr will undoubtedly give them the resources they need to expand their reach even further. As Joey Levy said, this is just the beginning for these rising stars.