Dak Prescott says Jalen Hurts deserves every bit of the money and Lamar Jackson is next: “It will happen for him”

The NFL offseason continues to provide news and storylines ahead of the 2023 season, and this week the news of Jalen Hurts’ contract with the Philadelphia Eagles has caught everyone’s attention, including his division rival’s quarterback, Dak Prescott, who made an appearance on the Adam Schefter Podcast and talked about the contractual situation of Lamar Jackson as well.

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback said he hosted both quarterbacks during their visits to Mississippi State when he played for the Bulldogs.

Dak Prescott talked about Jalen Hurts’ historic contract

Dak said that he doesn’t care that much about the Eagles success as he isn’t a fan of the team, but is a fan of Jalen Hurts and how he approaches the game, adding he’s proud of him when Schefter asked about the $255 million dollar contract extension with which he added five more seasons, making him the highest paid player ever.

“He’s somebody that was counted out early because of his playstyle and just has had success, trusted himself, and trusted in the process. Proud of him, and he deserves every bit of the money.”

Dak Prescott believes Lamar Jackson is next in line to get paid

At another point in the conversation with Schefter, Dak Prescott expressed how he believes that Lamar Jackson is in line to get a contract that surpasses even the one just signed by Hurts, not before saying he doesn’t get that much into other players contracts.

“I mean, honestly, I try not to listen to a lot of the news but stuff like that you hear friends telling me things. I support everybody and I support those guys getting their money and doing that. Honestly, I hosted Lamar on a visit to Mississippi State as well. So yeah, hopefully, he’s next and he tops Jalen and that’s just the way it goes. And yeah, it will happen for him.”