Sports broadcasting legend has his doubts about Tom Brady’s pundit capabilities

Out of all the jobs an NFL star can do after retirement, sports broadcasting has to be amongst the ones that come easier to them. Tom Brady signed a multi-million dollar contract with Fox Sports right after he announced his first retirement. When he reversed his decision in order to play for one more year, the network decided to still wait for him and give him until the last trimester of 2024 to make his television debut. Since he retired for good, Brady has been involved in spending time with his kids. From trying to find the time to be with them on a daily basis to going to animal shalters as volunteer, Brady has been doing everything he can before he starts this new chapter in his life. Not that he needs any luck but there are some detractors who don’t see him in front of a camera.

Regular folk believe that standing in front of a camera and speak is easy-enough but all those people are wrong. Commanding a television program is quite tricky for those who lack a strong personality for television. You need to learn how to command the moment and the entire production crew. Former players who did this right even got their own video game franchise, just like John Madden did. Tom Brady has a unique opportunity to create something wonderful as an NFL analyst but we all need to see how he does during his first months doing it. He already has the looks and the voice but does he have the personality?

Phil Simms is one of those Tom Brady critics

CBS Sports broadcasting legend Phil Simms is one of those who don’t believe in Tom Brady’s skills as a pundit. He spoke to Front Office Sports and said: “I’ve got to see it – or hear it – to believe it. I don’t know. I just can’t picture Tom Brady up there announcing games. You know why? He’s Tom Brady. He’s just bigger than life… In this day and age, is it worth it for him? Hey, I think they’ll use him in different ways. I don’t care. I’m going to say he doesn’t do games. They’ll put him on a pregame show and let him talk a little. There’s lots of ways to use him. He’s Tom Brady. I don’t have any insight – and I don’t even care. But I’ll be surprised if he does games. I will be. And you know, too, Greg Olsen did a good job this year. That has to make you sit back and wonder. So we’ll see.”