Paige Spiranac goes on epic viral rant about Jon Rahm and other golf pros: “40 seconds is a long time”

“40 seconds is a long time,” was the caption chosen by Paige Spiranac in her latest sexy Twitter video. Fans were puzzled by the caption at first, but it turns out that despite the sexual inuendo, Paige was sharing her opinion on golfers taking too long to take their shots in recent tournaments, especially in the Masters. She did it, of course, in a ridiculously sexy outfit: this time wearing a tight white dress with pink cherry patterns on it.

In this video, we saw the passionate side of Paige as she ardently made her feelings known about recent plays in the masters. “Playing golf has been a huge topic of discussion so let’s talk about it. The conversation picked up steam when Jon Rahm and Brooks Koepka were waiting on every single hole at Augusta. Honestly, I’ve seen paint dry quicker than that round was finished. I’m not going to call out just one individual because I do think this is a larger problem”

Paige then turns sexily to the camera and huffs in frustration during her analysis, and with an ironic childish tone says: “but they are majors and are playing for a lot of money and they should take their time”, as if to satirically excuse the players.

She didn’t stop there and said that this kind of player behavior would not be allowed in other sports. “Look at any other sport. They’re not just going to extend the time because they’re playing for a Championship. Can you imagine if Michael Jordan was just dribbling away and they were like ‘it’s okay guys, this is for a championship and a whole lot of money, just give him some time!’”

Paige then shared what she thinks should be done to stop this from happening. “A golfer has 40 seconds to hit their shot and if they don’t do so in their allotted time, they should be penalized. Slow play is unsportsmanlike and a form of cheating. I don’t understand how this is not fixed yet, it’s easy. Penalize them if they don’t hit it in 40 seconds. That’s it!

Then, in typical sexy Paige fashion, she encourages fans to share their opinions on the matter, while invitingly shaking her boobs and seductively looking at the camera.