the dark hidden vice of Erling Haaland



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Tomorrow night, Manchester City will challenge Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena. A meeting where Erling Haaland (22 years old) will be watched closely, he who also scored a goal in the first leg (victory 3 to 0). But the Norwegian will not be easily tamed by the Bavarians, who will have to be wary of his talents and scoring qualities. But also of his little hidden vice.

Asked by Sky SportsBen Mee, 33-year-old Brentford defender, has revealed that the City striker pinches his opponents during games to get the better of them. “He’s a powerful lad and we had a bit of a jostling. There were little pinches here and there between me and him. Relaunched on the subject, in order to know which of the two pinched the most, he replied: “It came more from him to be honest. But I don’t mind, I like it. (…) Obviously, we try to be physical with him and use our bodies to prevent him from getting into the positions he wants.

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