Mercato: Huge fake news denounced at Real Madrid

Eduardo Camavinga is a promise for the future of Real Madrid and it is with this in mind that he dropped his bags there in the summer of 2021. While there was talk of a loan departure this winter, the Camavinga clan has denied such rumours.

Eduardo Camavinga is back in force since the World Cup in Qatar, whether in the French team, but especially in Real Madrid, where he continues to perform well in midfield and on the left side. The French international was one of the figures of the winter transfer window of 2023.

The Camavinga clan dismantles a departure from Real Madrid

While his playing time was not as regular as it is now, a start for Arsenal was mentioned in the press. However, this was only speculation without any basis according to the agent.Eduardo Camavingathe renowned jonathan Barnett.

“A loan to Arsenal? It was nonsense, it was something that was not going to happen”

During an interview given to goalthe boss of Stellar Group set the record straight on the soap opera Eduardo Camavinga of this winter that should never have been one. “It was nonsense, it was something that was not going to happen. He never considered playing for another team and Real Madrid wouldn’t let him go. He will be one of Real Madrid’s stars in the future, so why leave? It was nonsense”.