Florentino Pérez is angry with Joan Laporta



This Monday morning, Joan Laporta was at a press conference to discuss the Negreira affair. But the president of FC Barcelona took advantage of this moment to massacre Real Madrid. “There is a club that has filed a civil action, Real Madrid. It is a club which, historically, has been favored by refereeing decisions. A club that has been considered the team of the regime (…) It should be remembered that, for seven decades, most of the presidents of the CTA were former socios, former players or former managers of Real Madrid. For 70 years, the people in charge of imposing justice on the pitch were people linked to Real Madrid. That this club feels wronged is an exercise in unprecedented cynicism. I trust that justice will remove the masks and put them in their place (…) We are not in the Super League project because of Real Madrid, but because of our convictions. Real Madrid made an exercise in cynicism, and that bothered me a lot. I did not like their hypocrisy, it is a club historically favored by arbitration.

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After the murderous statements of the Blaugrana boss, a reaction from Real Madrid is expected. Defense Central says more about “the response that Florentino is preparing following Laporta’s shameful accusation against Madrid”. The Madrid president and his teams believe that the president of Barça has gone far beyond the limits. His words did not please the leaders of Real Madrid, who believe that Laporta did something easy and which would please the supporters by tackling the club of the capital. Obviously a club “upset by these gratuitous accusations (…) without proof”. But DC assures that Madrid do not intend to respond to these provocations for the moment because the directors believe that this must be settled in court. They also want to focus on the Champions League match against Chelsea rather than going to war with the Culés.

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