Millie Bobby Brown’s biggest fear before filming ‘Stranger Things 5’ starts

Millie Bobby Brown, who recently announced her engagement to Jake Bongiovi, has numerous projects on the go. The most anticipated is obviously the fifth and final season of ‘Stranger Things’ for Netflix.

However, as a result of her experiences in other jobs, the 19-year-old has just confessed one of her biggest fears before she sets foot on the set of the Duffer brothers’ show.

In addition to the series about the events in Hawkings, Bobby Brown is also the main protagonist of the ‘Enola Holmes’ films, which premiered the second part last October 2022. After the filming of the movie, the actress suffered an experience that has left a mark on her.

If you have seen ‘Enola Holmes’, you will know that the character of the British actor is characterised by speaking directly to the camera, thus connecting with the viewers, in a process known as breaking the fourth wall.

“While filming [Enola Holmes 2], I had a dream that I was on the set of Stranger Things, and I couldn’t stop looking at the camera,” she said in 2022. “And now, I have this deep-rooted fear that now I will never stop looking at the camera.”

The theory behind one of the main characters’ powers

As the show’s cast returns and the writing team is currently working on shaping the eight-episode fifth season, Stranger Things fans are debating on social media about what they see as confirmation of one of the main characters’ powers.

According to the legion of fans, the character in the spotlight is Will Byers, played by actor Noah Schnapp. The theory is that Eleven’s friend possesses psychic powers, but has been able to keep them hidden from his friends, or at least not fully exploited.

In fact, they point to a discarded idea from the first episode of the first instalment, released in 2016, as his main trump card. Supposedly, the episode titled ‘Will’s Disappearance’ was supposed to have the youngest Byers bleed from the nose, a characteristic sign of Eleven when he uses his powers. However, this was ruled out during filming, and is nonetheless definitive proof to fans that Will has powers.