Russell Westbrook squares up to Suns fan in front of child during Clippers win

Los Angeles Clippers guard Russell Westbrook saved his team from losing Game 1 to the Phoenix Suns on Sunday at Footprint Center with an instantly iconic block. His halftime confrontation with a fan, however, is stealing the headlines.

Westbrook, 34, didn’t even mind that a child was present when he started berating the fan, who wasn’t afraid to clap back.

Russell Westbrook gets into a fight with a fan and reveals his irritation about his bad form with th

“Take it like a man,” the fan yelled.

Westbrook tells him “watch your mouth, motherf—-r” before walking away. The man who recorded the incident shared it on Twitter and stated that it happened at halftime.

He claims not to know what started the altercation, but points out that his favorite part of the entire moment is how the child continues to eat his steak despite having an NBA player in front of him. It’s also hilarious how the young boy is eating without utensils.

Russell Westbrook inspired by incident?

Westbrook is known for never backing down from a confrontation with a heckling fan, who often do more harm for their team than good.

Even though Westbrook shot 3-for-19 from the field, he was crucial down the final stretch of his first 2023 NBA Playoffs game.

It’s possible that the banter gave Westbrook a chip on his shoulder in the second half.

Westbrook, who was showing his abs during the spat, got the last laugh in the end as LA leads Phoenix heading into Game 2 of this first-round, Western Conference series.