Sensitive file at OM, it says everything about Payet

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Confined to an eternal role as a substitute this season at OM despite his status as captain, Dimitri Payet is going through a very special situation under the orders of Igor Tudor. And Valentin Rongier, who therefore inherited the armband by force of circumstance and his status as a major player, talks about this rather special context and pays tribute to Payet.

With the appointment ofIgor Tudor en lieu and in place of Jorge Sampaoli on the benchOM last summer, everything changed for Dmitri payet. The number 10 and captain, who until now had a major role in the project McCourt, has been relegated to the status of a luxury substitute, and he must now be content with very limited playing time under the orders of the Croatian coach. Clear : payet is still the captain of theOM officially, but it’s valentine Rodier who wears the armband at every game.

Rongier says everything about the situation with Payet

Asked in the columns of L’EQUIPE on Sunday, the midfielder ofOM let loose on this somewhat special situation with payet : “ Everything happened naturally, once again. I was vice-captain and Dim knew that if he was not on the field, I was the one who would have the armband. I just wanted to clarify a point with him: I wanted to give him back the armband when he came into play but he told me no, that it didn’t change anything to get it back for twenty minutes, that there were several captains in the team. Above all, I didn’t want him to think that I was grabbing the armband “, entrusts Rodier.

“I take my hat off to him”

The former player of FC Nantes continues on this subject: I get along very well with Dim, it made things easier. He is aware of the situation and I take my hat off to him because even if he is a substitute, he is still with us, he is the real captain of the team. I get my messages across when I’m on the pitch, I don’t hesitate to do it when he’s in the locker room either because in a team there isn’t a single captain. “. That is clear.