The Fairy punished for his lack of respect


For having emptied his bag in public, Enzo Le Fée was deprived of competition this Sunday against Lille, assures Ludovic Obraniak, Prime Video consultant. The Lorient hopeful watched the match from the Pierre-Mauroy stadium.

Behind this surprise package was most likely a sanction. Enzo Le Fée disappeared from the Lille-Lorient match sheet, which kicked off this Sunday at 1 p.m., for muscle discomfort, indicated in particular West France. For Ludovic Obraniak, consultant to the broadcaster of the match for the 29th day of Ligue 1, the reason is disciplinary about the attacking midfielder of Les Merlus.

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For me, there is only one possible truth, Enzo the Fairy is sanctionedestimated the former Polish international on the set of Premium Video. The Fairy is in the group and he has muscle discomfort the morning of the match… He must have had a restless muscular awakening ! “But what does FC Lorient blame for one of its best elements?

“We can’t talk like that about his club”

The management of the Breton club did not like, a priori, the confidences of Le Fée on his situation. ” I no longer expect anything from the club and I will no longer extend. I hope to leave this summer so that my transfer brings money to FC Lorient “, had dropped the 23-year-old player during a press conference held during the international break with the French Hopes.

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Enzo le Fée had expressed his disappointment at not having received a contract extension proposal. ” The Fairy is young, he made a communication error, it happenscontinues Obraniak. You have to put it in their heads from time to time that the club is above it, you can’t talk about your club like that, or put yourself forward like that.