Lucas Digne’s strong position on Ramadan



No break to allow players of the Muslim faith to break their fast during this Ramadan period: this is the reminder sent by the FFF to all referees in France in recent days by means of an e-mail. A decision that caused a lot of ink to flow, and exacerbated by the fact that other European neighbours, like England, have recently approved the authorization to interrupt meetings in this month of abstinence for Muslims.

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Indirectly concerned by this measure in the Premier League, the French international and Aston Villa player, Lucas Digne, deplored the delay that France has in this area: “2023 we can stop a match for 20 minutes for decisions but not 1 minute to drink water”, he commented on an Instagram story, with an emoji reflecting his dismay at the situation. In recent days, other players in French football, like Didier Digard, the Nice coach, have taken a stand to change attitudes on this subject.

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