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Carlos Sainz Jnr said the penalty which cost him fourth place in the Australian Grand Prix was the most unfair decision he has ever seen.

The Ferrari driver collided with Fernando Alonso at turn one during the final standing restart of the race with two laps to go. Sainz was given a five-second time penalty for the contact.

The race concluded under Safety Car conditions. Sainz crossed the finishing line in fourth place but as so many cars were bunched up behind him he dropped out of the points in the final classification, taking 12th place.

He spoke briefly to the official Formula 1 channel before leaving to meet with the stewards, saying he did not want to incur another penalty for being late.

“Right now I cannot talk I’m too angry, too disappointed,” said the Ferrari driver. “I just cannot say anything.

“I prefer to go to a stewards, get the penalty away because I don’t think I deserve it and is the most unfair penalty I’ve seen in my life. So I will go first to a stewards. I just need to come to the TV pen because if I don’t come, they put me another penalty.”

Sainz was informed of his penalty on his radio by race engineer Riccardo Adami during the red-flag period before the final restart. He strongly criticised the decision and said he must be given the opportunity to put his case before the stewards.

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“No, it cannot be, Ricky,” said Sainz. “Do I deserve to be out of the points? No. No, it’s unacceptable. Tell them it is unacceptable, they need to wait until the race is finished, but discuss with me.

“No please. Please, please, please, please, please to wait, to wait and discuss with me. Clearly, the penalty is not deserved, it’s too severe.”

Sainz continued to plead with his team. Sporting director Laurent Mekies told him they would take the matter up with the stewards.

Sainz Please guys, do something, please. I cannot believe it. We are P3 and P4 and they want to put me out of the points for that, for a one lap incident. So unfair. I cannot believe they do this to me.
Mekies It’s clear, Carlos, it’s clear. Let’s finish that race and we’ll discuss here.
Sainz Let me at least discuss with the stewards, in the stewards’ room.
Mekies Of course we will go and see them just after we get out of the car.

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