Tuchel’s confession on his first on the bench

This big victory during the Klassiker allows Bayern to take control of the Bundesliga eight days from the end and to take back its destiny in hand in the conquest of a tenth consecutive coronation across the Rhine. A relief for Thomas Tuchel who will not have really benefited from a smooth start in his new role. The German technician has indeed arrived in the middle of the final sprint of this 2022-23 season with important deadlines not to be missed.

A pressure to bear

Sacked by Chelsea at the start of the season, Tuchel admitted that this first meeting as Bayern coach had been special to manage on an emotional level, especially since he found himself facing his former club. “I was very nervous. I no longer knew where my assistants were in the locker room, everything went suddenly and suddenly I found myself at the Allianz Arena (…) There was pressure. We played against a good opponent. So I can understand that not everything was perfect, with just one practice. There is room for improvement. We have to find the rhythm in the game”, he acknowledged.

Tuchel’s analysis

Asked about the scenario for this meeting, Tuchel explained that he had seen very good things, even if everything was not perfect in his eyes. “It was a nervous, unstable start to the meeting, with errors. It changed after the opener, it allowed us to bring calm (…) I would have liked a more dominant game after the 3-0. We had fairly easy loss of balls, it made the match more intense for us. I would have liked more domination and less faults. There’s no more fun place to be in football than the dressing room or the training ground. It’s a great gift. For sure, it’s a better life than having free time,” he continued.