Donald Trump’s lawyer says he won’t be handcuffed when authorities arrest him

Former US president Donald Trump will appear before the judge handling his case on Tuesday 4 April at 14:15 local time in New York, according to various judicial sources.

However, he will turn himself in to the authorities earlier, in the context of his indictment for his alleged bribery of adult film actress Stormy Daniels to hush up an alleged extramarital affair shortly after the businessman had a child with Melania Trump.

However, the person who has come out against the previous procedures that will be carried out is his lawyer, Joe Tacopina, who has assured that the accused will not be handcuffed in his meeting with the agents before going to court.

Trump is going to be the first US president to receive criminal charges, which according to CNN could be up to 30. These will be read at Tuesday’s hearing.

To all this, his lawyer has added that he hopes that on the day Trump has to appear, first before the Prosecutor’s Office and later before Judge Juan Manuel Marchan, the security forces will close the streets around the courts, located in lower Manhattan, and that they will also close the courts.

Donald Trump’s unique point of view

Donald Trump, before knowing the details of his summons, had already attacked the magistrate who will be in charge of his preliminary hearing, claiming that he has been appointed “handpicked” by the state prosecution. “The judge ‘assigned’ to my witch hunt hates me,” Trump said on his social network Truth Social.

“It is Juan Manuel Marchan, handpicked by the New York attorney general, Alvin Bragg and his prosecutors,” added the tycoon, recalling that this jurist was already in charge of the case of his former chief financial officer.