Deschamps – Mourinho: Evra’s punchline

Having evolved under his orders at AS Monaco, but also in the French team, Patrice Evra knows Didier Deschamps and his functioning very well. And while some would like to see and hear more from the coach of the Blues, the former Manchester United player stepped up, evoking José Mourinho.

This Thursday, Patrick Eva was the guest of RMC And Jerome Rothen during the broadcast Rothen ignites. During this exchange, it was in particular a question of Didier Deschamps, which both players know well. “ You can show something else, you can free yourself, try to explain. Especially since there are a lot of reviews. But what prevents him from explaining today? “, in particular claimed the former of the PSG to the coach of theFrench team.

“Even when you say hello to him he is already suspicious”

Patrice Evra then responded, defending Didier Deschamps. The former playerFrench team then blurted out: I was trained for 13 years by Didier between the France team and Monaco. I can tell you that I really know Didier as a friend. It does not open easily, it is very suspicious. Even when you say hello to him he is already suspicious. I think it’s also his personality. After the guys if you want a guy like José Mourinho, who runs on the field, who puts on a show but does not win all the time. It’s necessary to choose “.

“Go to the circus”

Patrice Evra then added: Massimiliano Allegri, at Juve, when we told him “we’re bored” etc. he replied: “But guys, if you want little bridges, sombreros etc., go to the circus!” “.