2023 Sonora Rally route tweaked

The Sonora Rally‘s route has been modified from the initial reveal last week (pictured below) due to unspecified developments, race officials have announced.

“Due to circumstances beyond the organization’s control we have had to change the route from previously released,” reads a statement from organisers. “We have tried to mitigate any hotel issues by contacting the suggested hotels to change all Sonora Rally reservations with the specialists assigned to the event.”

While the three main hub cities of Hermosillo, Puerto Peñasco, and San Luis Río Colorado remain the same as will the order that competitors visit each, they will now have different stage routes. Hermosillo is still the host of the Prologue, but its role for Stage #1 on 24 April is upgraded from being the start location to also being the end as part of a loop format. Hermosillo’s elevated responsibility means teams will leave the city a day later on Tuesday, 25 April.

Credit: FIA/FIM

Stage #2 will head from Hermosillo to Puerto Peñasco like what was previously planned for the first leg. However, Puerto Peñasco now hosts two loops for Stages #3 and #4.

The fifth and final stage will see racers depart Puerto Peñasco for San Luis Río Colorado. The latter was originally going to host a pair of loops for Stages #4 and #5. San Luis Río Colorado will still host the awards ceremony on 28 April.

Registration will close on 14 April.