Packers and Jets are looking for two high draft picks in Aaron Rodgers trade, per report

Aaron Rodgers‘ potential move to the New York Jets is going a bit slow but it still seems like it will definitely happen. All the Green Bay Packers need is a deal they can agree with, and the latest report confirms they are closing in on a potential final decision. The trade negotiations over the veteran quarterback have reached a minor holdup but still very important for both side. In the vent that Aaron Rodgers doesn’t play the 2024 NFL season, the New York Jets want to get protection for draft pick compensation if this turns out to be the case. This is definitely within the real of possibility because Aaron Rodgers could very well decide to call it quits and not play at all.

Currently, the trade is going in a direction where Rodgers would be swapped for two high draft picks, according to a report from Yahoo Sports. Although the deal appears to be getting closer despite how long the negotiations have taken, this package needs to include a ‘give back’ protection for the Jets if Rodgers doesn’t play beyond 2023. Given how much the QB struggled to make a decision to continue playing, this is entirely possible by the 2024 season. Currently, the Packers want straight shot draft picks without qualifiers but the Jets want such high level of compensation to be based on 2023 team performance and Rodgers also playing for the team in 2024. In a nutshell, we have reached a stalemate in negotiations.

Can the deal between Packers and Jets fall through?

We already know that Rodgers wants to play for the New York Jets but we have no idea if he will continue playing for more than one season. After admitting he was 90% retired before going into his darkness retreat, this is what keeps the Jets’ leadership awake at night. Even though he also said his mindset changed after coming out of that retreat, Aaron Rodgers was discouraged to know that the Packers were already asking for other quarterbacks when he returned. Green Bay also didn’t take well how Rodgers kept ignoring the team’s calls before entering that darkness retreat. That radio silence was the main reason Green Bay decided to look for a new quarterback. Deal is not off yet and it probably will still happen.