OM sale: €500m to close everything

For several months and even years now, the sale of OM has been a subject that constantly comes up on the table. Frank McCourt has however each time denied the information concerning an assignment from the Marseille club. However, behind the scenes, the American could indeed seek to sell OM. But this should not be done at any price…

After redeeming theOM To Margarita Louis-Dreyfus, Frank McCourt is therefore the owner of the Marseille club. But for how much longer? It has now been more than two years since Thibaud Vezirian persists in saying that theOM will be sold. No sign of formalization however for the moment and McCourt repeats each time he is not expected to sell his property. However, behind the scenes, the actions of the American would be very different. For many, a sale of OM could indeed take place, but everything will depend on the price offered to the American to take control of the Marseille club.

“The guy who arrives and puts the money on the table, he will sell it to him”

Lately it’s Daniel Riolo who put a coin back into the machine for the sale of theOm. Indeed, during After Footballhe blurted out: You will grow when the club is sold. McCourt is not against the sale, he has no interest in keeping the club where it is today. The guy who comes along and puts the money on the table, he’ll sell it to him. The only thing that can make him back down is “it’s not enough”. What is the point of McCourt being at Marseille? None, nothing, zero. Whoever comes and has sorrel, he will take “.

“He demanded €500m from the Emiratis”

But with just how much do you have to come face to face with? Frank McCourt to consider buying theOM ? Few months ago, Roman Molina had provided answers to this question concerning the expectations of the American for the sale of the Marseille club. And they would obviously be around 500M€. ” 800M€ we will never find a buyer! At 400/500M€ yes. It’s like Frank McCourt. This summer, he claimed €500m from the Emiratis. It’s sure, it didn’t happen… There is the same logic between Lyon, Marseille, Saint-Etienne too. They claim fortunes. Club owners in France are asking for far too high sums “, had then explained Molina.