Markelle Fultz shines again after injury clipped his wings

At one time, Markelle Fultz seemed to be the crown jewel of ‘The Process’, the Philadelphia 76ers project based on losing games in bulk to build a superteam from the draft.

The point guard was the number one pick in the 2017 crop out of the Washington Huskies. However, his NBA journey was soon to go awry.

A freak shoulder injury forced him to change his shooting mechanics from top to bottom, altering his game to the point of relearning basic concepts that his muscle memory couldn’t fill in. In his first season, Fultz could only play 14 regular season games and three playoff games.

The physical problems continued in his second season in Philly. The wrist added to the continuous issues with the shoulder to end his second season in November and leave his participation at 19 games.

The Sixers would decide that same summer of 2019, not without pain, that Fultz‘s adventure in Pennsylvania had come to an end. Orlando would be his new home.

Searching for a good feeling

In his first season in Florida, the point guard would finally find continuity, playing 72 games in a team that would still qualify for the playoffs that year before breaking down in 2021. The feelings were very good and he was the starting point guard for most of the season.

With this optimism, Fultz and the Magic started the 20-21 season, but just eight games into the regular season, the point guard’s ACL gave out on Twelfth Night. Once again he had to undergo surgery. He returned more than a year later to a Magic that had begun a deep reconstruction and tried to regain sensations with hardly any time (18 games).

This year has been somewhat different and, although he has also missed more than 20 games, his impact on the team has been felt almost every time he has been on the court.

Fultz brings an order and speed to the game that Orlando lacks without him on the court. Tonight, against the Clippers, he turned in perhaps his best performance of his career.

The point guard put up a great stat line of 28 points, six rebounds, four assists, four steals and one block. Over the past few weeks Fultz had already put up 25-point games against the Phoenix Suns and Utah Jazz and another 21-point game against the Bucks. However, none of them were as rounded as this last one, and it was also the only one in which the Magic have won.