MLB News: Daniel Bard’s wild pitch hit Jose Altuve’s hand and took him to the ground, what is the damage?

Team USA and Venezuela definitely kept viewers on the edge of their seats as the best of both countries met in Miami’s LoanDepot park to play the World Baseball Classic quarterfinals, such was the case of Venezuela’s Jos Altuve who had to leave the game in the 5th inning.

The game between the United States and Venezuela was a very heated game not only on the field but off it as well since there was a significant amount of Venezuela fandom that made many attendees question if they were playing in the United States at all.

Daniel Bard’s wild pitches almost caused Team USA’s defeat

Just when the Houston Astros’ second baseman stepped up to the plate, Daniel Bard’s terrible wild pitch hit Jos Altuve’s hands, causing him severe pain that took him to the ground for more than a minute.

After being checked on the spot by themedical staff, the player got up but immediately headed to the dugout holding his hand with a painful look on his face. Ultimately the medical team considered it necessary for Altuve to get immediate X-rays to see what the damage was if any.

Altuve has a broken right thumb

The unofficial medical report stated that Altuve had a broken right thumb, and it is unclear if he will need surgery or just therapy, and regular recovery will do.

Altuve had a hit and towed in one run. His place was taken by Luis Rengifo, who also is a second baseman.

It was Bard’s pitching inaccuracy that put Team USA in troubled waters as his wild throws were all over the place and gave away two bases as he hit two players back to back and let Venezuela get on top of the game.