Elon Musk sends ominous warning if Donald Trump is arrested: ‘He’ll win by a landslide’

The news of Donald Trump’s possible arrest next week has the potential to turn into one of the biggest political disasters in the last decade, that is also counting his rise to power in 2016. Many might thing he is finished because he lost the 2020 election but all his supporters are still there and they will try to get him reelected next year. That is unless he gets arrested and thrown in jail, of course. Arresting Donald Trump just a year before the election cycle with no strong case to put him in jail for good is one of the dumbest things the current administration can do. Elon Musk is well aware of this and he already made an aminous prediction about it.

Musk is convinced that if Donald Trump is arrested, he will be released quickly and that martyr status will earn him many more voters. Elon hasn’t been wrong too much throughout his life, this is not that difficult to predict. Donald Trump already knows this and he is taking every possible advantage that can play in his favor during the 2024 presidential campaign. At the end of the day, the final race inside the Republican party will be Trump against Ron De Santis. Whoever wins that race will be the one running for president in 2024.

Donald Trump is calling for Amaricans to protest

What concerns people the most is the constant call to arms Donald Trump is making, it’s a similar feeling to the January 6 insurrection. He is not asking, he is demanding people to go out and protest on his behalf. Trump is using every talking point conservatives have been using to discredit the Democratic party for years. Make no mistake, any type of violent reaction to his potential arrest will be his responsibility. Elon Musk is correct to assume Trump will gain far more power than he’s ever had if prosecutors don’t have a solid case that can keep him behind bars. Judging on how lacking they have been over the years, they don’t seem to have one.