Colin Cowherd bashes Michael Jordan for his ‘poor job’ as the Hornets owner, says LeBron James is better

Michael Jordan is reportedly about to sell his majority stake as the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets, the former player is set to make a huge profit if he indeed sells, after his initial investment on a minority stake of the team several years ago was only for $180 million, with the franchise now being worth almost $2 billion dollars.

Colin Cowherd criticizes Michael Jordan and praises LeBron James

Colin Cowherd spoke about the report claiming that Michael Jordan is on the verge of selling his majority ownership stake in the Charlotte Hornets, expressing that this is another proof that Michael Jordan doesn’t make those around him better, only elevating himself.

“The best owners and the best coaches, and the best executives are about elevating others … Michael is great at elevating Michael,” Cowherd explained.

He then explained why LeBron James is better in that regard, explaining there’s a huge difference between the two and implying that’s why he thinks is the best player in NBA’s history.

“But LeBron … that’s where these two aren’t remotely close. Everybody that plays with him, everybody is better.”