France team: France 98 attacks Deschamps

It is no longer a secret today, despite being world champions in 1998 with the France team, Didier Deschamps and Christophe Dugarry are far from being the best friends in the world. Visible tensions with each speech of each one. And this Thursday, at the microphone of RMC, Dugarry was also annoyed about the coach of the France team.

After the lost final of world CupI’French team will return to the field in the coming days for the eliminations of Euro 2024. On this occasion, Didier Deschamps appeared at a press conference this Thursday to communicate his list of players summoned for the upcoming matches of the Blues . A return to the forefront of the coach who found himself at the heart of the debates during the show Rothen ignites on RMC. Present for the occasion, Christophe Dugary said what he had to say about The fields and he dropped some criticism.

“There are things that are not explained”

Basically, it deserves to be extended. I have already said it several times. But on the form, there are things that are not explained. We were sent the Benzema case again. We can’t take this story anymore! That’s not what we want to have. Did a journalist ask: “what happened during the first 80 minutes (of the Argentina-France final, editor’s note)? How come we got eaten like that? by the Argentines? There has been no sporting assessment that has been made “, then let go Christophe Dugary.

“We don’t talk about football”

And he didn’t stop there concerning Didier Deschamps. Indeed, the 98 world champion also added: “ Once again we are not talking about football! It’s always the same, always the same thing. Beyond the quality of the game which can be improved, I find that in the form, there are things that bother me. I like square things. In football, you have to say what they did “.