Holly Sonders, Veronika Rajek, Paige Spiranac or Olivia Dunne: Who is Instagram’s sexiest influencer?

Holly Sonders, Veronika Rajek, Paige Spiranac and Olivia Dunne are four of the biggest influencers right now on social media. Their gorgeous looks, incredible figures and good humor have seen them become some of the most sought-after names in the business. They have well and truly been the social media sensations of 2022 and their success has continued into 2023. Bear in mind, they have almost 15 million followers on Instagram between the four of them.

All four are unique in their own way, but the question is: Who is the true social media queen? It’s now time to settle the debate and to vote for your favorite. Just to remind you, here’s a recap of the four candidates:

1. Holly Sonders:

Holly has the smallest social media following of the four celebs but she could well be the most daring of them all. Rather like Paige, Sonders likes a round of golf, or two. A left-handed golf swing and an ‘accidental’ wardrobe malfunction in a recent video astonished fans and left them wanting more. And more they will have. Sonders has announced she’s launching Xposed Sports, the ‘hottest sports league in the world’. Fans can expect ‘topless matches’ and sweaty sports sessions.

The trailer for Holly Sonders’ X-rated sports League, Xposed sports

2.Veronika Rajek:

Veronika has over 4 million followers on Instagram and was crowned Miss Slovakia in 2016… and it’s not hard to see why. Rajek left fans gobsmacked when she officially confirmed that her body was 100% natural. In doing so, she silenced all the doubters she previously had. At 5ft 11 with blonde hair, green eyes and a jaw-dropping figure, she’s perfect model material. Flawless.

Veronika Rajek shows off stunning body in sexy red bikini

3. Paige Spiranac

We don’t care what anyone says, Paige is the original golf girl. The emergence of the ‘Instagram golf girl’ is thanks to the huge influence Paige has had on social media. Her talented sports skills coupled with her stunning looks and figure is a dangerous cocktail, as shown by her almost four million followers on Instagram. She’s a true blonde bombshell.

Paige Spiranac shows off her crazy rugby skills

4. Olivia Dunne

Despite being just 20 years old, ‘Livi’ is already worth $3 million. She received all sorts of sponsorships after becoming one of the biggest names on TikTok. Her USP is her gymnastic skills- she currently competes for LSU at college level. Her incredible athletics achievements, sporty look and beautiful smile have seen her become one of the biggest names on TikTok. She has nearly 8 million followers on the video platform and 3.7 million on Instagram.

Olivia Dunne’s bold Valentines Day request

Let’s settle this debate. It’s time to vote. Who is your favourite?