Italy will take inspiration from Spain for its new format



The reform of the Italian Super Cup was officially announced by the president of the Italian League, Lorenzo Casini, after the assembly of clubs. The model will be that of Spain with the two finalists of the Italian Cup and the first two of the last championship. This revolution will take effect from the 2023-24 season, with in particular the first two editions organized in Saudi Arabia. A friendly match will also be played by one of the two losing semi-finalists against a local Saudi team.

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“We have decided to accept the offer from Arabia to host four editions of the Super Cup in six years. The next competition will already have four teams and the format also includes a friendly match still away. The choice of format can be questioned on the basis of commitments. Next season the 4-team Super Cup will bring 23 million, while with only one friendly match the figure will drop to 12 million», said Luigi De Siervo, the boss of the competition. Note that in case of similar teams, the table of the Final Four will be completed by the third and the fourth of Serie A.

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