Holly Sonders, Oscar De La Hoya’s gorgeous girlfriend, rivals Paige Spiranac with her sexy golf swing

Golf is in fashion. The internet has overseen an explosion of gorgeous golfers over the past year, which is mostly thanks to the influence of the ‘word’s sexiest woman’, Paige Spiranac.

Next up on the golf influencer circuit is Holly Sonders, who recently showed off her tantalizingly sexy golf swing to her thousands of followers Twitter followers.

The sports presenter, who is currently dating boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya, played to a very high level at college and at one point looked like she might make the jump to become a pro.

She’s now getting back into the sport and as her post on social media suggests, she seems to be doing it the hard way as she tries to perfect her swing with her weaker left hand.

It seems that fans were not so focused on her swing, but instead on her ‘revealing’ outfit. The journalist was wearing polka dot trousers and a tight low-cut top, which revealed perhaps more than she intended it to.

Users of the platform were quick to point out her ‘wardrobe malfunction’ and some even shared a joke at here expense. “You’ll poke someone’s eye out with those things!!!” said one user. “Must be colder than it looks there!” said another.

Despite some crude remarks, most of the comments made reference to her incredible figure and impressive swing.