Disaster for Neymar at PSG, it had “become essential”

Out on injury on February 19 during PSG’s victory over LOSC (4-3), Neymar’s season is already over. The Brazilian suffers from a sprain with ligament damage, which forced him to undergo surgery. The Parisian number 10 has often been subject to this kind of injury and an operation had become inevitable.

We won’t see again Neymar with the shirt of PSG this season. Released on a stretcher during the victory against the LOSC on February 19 (4-3), the Brazilian had ankle surgery and should be able to resume training in three to four months. A constant for Neymar, who has had a string of injuries since his arrival at PSG in 2017.

“It is difficult to say that a poor lifestyle is directly responsible for ankle sprains”

Fan Channel interviewed a physio-osteopath to try to explain the reasons for these repeated injuries, and in particular whether they could be linked to the lifestyle of Neymar. ” It is difficult to say that a poor lifestyle is directly responsible for repeated ankle sprains, especially when the player suffers a lot of faults like Neymar. And yet, to what extent does the overall fatigue of the player not come into play to cash in on these faults? The muscles are supposed to hold the joint and necessarily do it less well if the player is tired “, did he declare.

“The operation had become essential”

He considers that the operation had become inevitable for Neymar : “ Repeated ankle sprains cause chronic instability through ligament hyper-laxity. It is then necessary a surgical intervention to stabilize the articulation most often by repair of the ligaments and ligamentoplasty. This was the case for Neymar and the operation had become essential. However, will this operation allow Neymar to find its best level? ” That’s the goal yes. He should be spared sprains but will he recover the good mobility needed for his technique-based game? Rehabilitation and time will matter. »