“I had to do it”, he justifies his big decision with PSG

Carlos Soler arrived at PSG on September 1, 2022, on the last day of the transfer window, from FC Valence. The Spaniard, who had never changed club at the time, has so far not succeeded in establishing himself as an indisputable holder. However, he recounted his arrival at PSG, and the happiness it brought him.

Arrived last summer against 23M€ including bonuses, Carlos Soler landed in the shoes of a substitute. Something he didn’t know about Valence, he who was the captain of the club, in addition to being adored by his supporters. A difficult adaptation therefore, but at the microphone by Alexandre Ruiz and of Free Ligue 1the Spaniard seems happy to have chosen PSG.

“Choose what makes me happiest”

Carlos Soler, the midfield of PSG explains the state of mind he was in before receiving the offer from PSG: My parents were super respectful in the sense that they left me free to choose, obviously, and to choose what made me happiest at the time. And there was the call from Paris, who wanted to bet on me. »

“I had to do it”

Carlos Soler continues: ” And so I talked about it with my parents, they said “go for it”. That if it had to be done and that’s what made me happy, I had to do it. »