ASSE kicks him out, “it hurt me”

Aged 37, Mathieu Debuchy will have had a great career whether in France or in England. Revealed on the side of LOSC, the right side had made the heyday of Newcastle, and after a mixed experience on the side of Arsenal, returned to France on the side of Bordeaux, then ASSE. Now in Valenciennes, the player would have liked to end his career with the Greens.

French international 27 times, Mathieu Debuchy is gradually ending his fine career with Valencienneswhich plays in Ligue 2. In an interview with Oh My Goalthe side returned to several important passages of his career, and in particular to that of the side of ASSE which he had joined in 2018 after a loan marked by a major injury with Bordeaux.

Debuchy wanted to end his career with ASSE

Already in difficulty upon his arrival, ASSE could have been the last club in the career of Mathieu Debuchy. “I had submitted the idea, I wanted to end my career in Saint-Étienne. The president was ok with that. I had a good relationship with Roland Romeyer. He was 100% in favor of extending me. I knew in this second part of the season from February, the coach told me we’ll see a little later, we’re waiting to hold on and we’ll see afterwards.”declares the former side of the LOSC.

Leaving ASSE was a “hard blow” for Mathieu Debuchy

Mathieu Debuchy continues: “Weeks passed, I still didn’t have this appointment and I didn’t want to go see the coach to ask him for the interview. The interview was finally done before the last home game and before going into the office, I understood. The coach told me in front, straight in the eye. It was a hard blow for me because I saw myself finishing my career in Saint-Étienne. I had a lot of fun, I gave the maximum for this club. It went well for me, I performed well and then I had a good relationship with the supporters. It hurt me to leave this club.”.