An emotional John Cena gets loudest crowd pop in memory for 20-Year Anniversary Celebration

John Cena walked out to a packed TD Garden in Boston on Monday Night Raw like it was still 2003. His iconic intro track The Time Is Now blasting, the crowd knewThe Champ was back. They welcomed with the the loudest and most enthusiastic pop in recent memory.

The moment was almost too much for an emotional Cena, who clutched his face with both hands. The Cenation Leader may have gone Hollywood, but he fit right back into his WWE home like a glove.

John Cena savagely roasted Austin Theory

Cena took to the ring and ruthlessly roasted current US WWE Champion Austin Theory. The WWE legend was not impressed by Theory. Quite the contrary, in fact: “I’d rather be bald than have them pipe in fake crowd noises for my matches because nobody cares.”

John Cena didn’t stop there. He called Theory mindless, heartless and even went after the size of his manhood. “You don’t have it here”, he said before tapping the reigning champ’s crotch.

At 45 years of age, Cena will make his fans day with this return to WrestleMania 39. There, he’ll face Austin Theory in what will be his first fight as a professional since 2017.

Fans went wild over John Cena and Cody Rhodes linking up

From one WrestleMania challenger to another. John Cena made the fans erupt when he announced Royal Rumble champ Cody Rhodes: “Boston, you deserve to see someone worthy of this stage. The nightmare, the American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes!”

The final blow to Austin Theory took place, and a never-before seen reunion of Rhodes and Cena took place.

What a night for Boston, wrestling fans, the WWE and John Cena.