Anthony Richardson: The versatile and athletic QB that has teams doubting ahead of the NFL Draft

Anthony Richardson will be entering the 2023 NFL Draft after just one season as the Florida Gators starting quarterback, with many teams looking at his 54.7 completion percentage an his 15 interceptions as things that must be improved substancially to transition into the NFL.

Richardson is talked about as a project quarterback in many NFL reports by media, but the QB isn’t bothered about it, he in fact say’s he doesn’t even understand what that means.

“I don’t even know what that means, ‘project label.’”

Anthony Richardson

The quarterback wants to continue to grow and has said that the interviews with different teams at the NFL Scouting Combine have gone great, as he thinks they’ve been able to get to know him and is confident in his abilites.

“I guess teams know I have room to grow. They see sparks in me. I see them myself as well.”

Anthony Richardson wanted to be like Cam Newton and Lamar Jackson

Throughout his career and specially since the draft process opened, Anthony Richardson has been compared to other college and NFL quarterbacks, who either exceeded expectations or were a terrible bust once they transitioned into the league.

But Richardson says that 11th grade, two comparisons that didn’t mind him, in fact he looked after were Cam Newton and Lamar Jackson.

“I started calling myself Cam Jackson in 11th grade. Just trying to make big plays, just like Cam Newton and Lamar Jackson.”

Anthony Richardson might want to be perceived as them and could certainly get to those levels, but currenty there’s people that consider he could also become Johnny Manziel, Jamarcus Russell or even fellow Gator Tim Tebow.