Boxing: Video of Logan Paul calling John Fury a p**sy for not taking Jake Paul’s bet has leaked

Imagine you are Tommy Fury right at that mment Jake Paul is taunting you with that bet and your dad makes the bet for you. Giving up on those £4 million meant he was risking money for his family, he is about to become a father. John Fury gets a little too heated, takes the bet and Tommy Fury didn’t react in the best possible manner. This likely meant he didn’t like risking that money at all but he wasn’t sure about his victory that did happen. That insecurity meant that Jake Paul tested it by offering to sign a contract that made the bet legal and official. Neither Tommy Fury nor John Fury agreed to sign this.

All they had was a handshake, which can also count for something as John Fury has pointed out in the past. But Jake Paul signed nothing and he doesn’t plan to pay them that money because they refused to sign a contract. Brother Logan Paul and the Betr company released a video of John Fury refusing to talk about this contract and getting angry for the line of questioning. Logan Paul saw what was happening and called him a pussy behind his back. Tough luck for John Fury, who is asking something he actually relinquished when he had the chance to secure it.

Logan Paul is one of Jake Paul’s main reps

When the bet happened, Logan Paul seems to be involved in the most important decisions Jake Paul makes. They are brothers and they feel a level of connection with each other that proves their strong bond. In this John Fury case, they don’t have to entertain his demands under any circumstance because he refused to sign that contract. Despite his loss, Jake Paul also left boxing experts with a good experience and knowing he is actually a legit fighter. Whether we get a rematch or not, it is certain that Jake Paul will continue boxing for years.