Piers Morgan demands Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s titles stripped after eviction

After the news of King Charles III is asking to evict Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from their home in England, Piers Morgan decided to add more insult to injury. As you all know by now, the British presenter is one of the Royal Couple’s fiercest critics. He likely has some level of hate against them due to a personal issue, which he uses to attack them at every chance he gets. After this eviction, Morgan wants them to also give up on their royal titles. Moreover, he wants the King to actually strip them off their titles in order to make an example out of them.

The reason Piers Morgan wants this to happen is due to the memoir Prince Harry wrote about royal Family secrets. All the details accusing his own family of racism haven’t gone well with any person who can be considered a Royal Family simpathizer. Morgan is one of the loudest critics they have and he wasn’t going to miss this chance to make his demands against any of them. Morgan wrote a column for The Sun, where he usually unloads on people he wants to criticize. This is the perfect chance for him to do it. Don’t expect any apologies from him directed at the Royal Couple.

Piers thinks a line must be drawn in the line

Here’s what Piers Morgan wrote: “There comes a point in every such dispute when a line must be drawn in the sand. And for Charles, that line came in the shape of Harry’s tell-all book Spare which dumped a Grand Canyon sized load of rotten, stinking manure over his family. If one of my three sons publicly repeatedly trashed our family in the way Harry’s trashed his, they wouldn’t be getting the ash from my annual Christmas Day cigar, let alone a luxury home. They’ve made their backstabbing, fork-tongued beds in their California mansion, and they can continue lying in them. In every sense.”