Does Tiger Woods already have a replacement? The golf legend’s son Charlie is already excelling

Golf legend Tiger Woods is in the final stages of his career, with less and less prominence on the course, but his legacy looks set to continue with his 14-year-old son Charlie Woods, who has shown similar talent to his father.

From the age of four he was seen taking his first swings with golf clubs while accompanying his dad, at a time when Tiger Woods was building his legendary career.

In 2020 the father and son played together for the first time at the PNC Championship, Charlie was 11 years old and showed he had the makings of a professional by hitting his first eagle. In the same year he began winning junior titles, the US Kids, as well as the PGA South Florida Section Tournament in the 9-11 age bracket.

The following year they returned to the PNC and finished second, while in 2022 they did not fare as well and finished eighth in this unofficial tournament, formerly known as the Father/Son Challenge.

Both Tiger and his first-born son suffered physical problems in Orlando, although it was Charlie who had the toughest time with his ankle, which he has had since spraining it in the Pro-Am. Both needed the help of the cart to avoid straining their injuries further. The winner of 15 majors was still recovering from plantar fasciitis and it was difficult for him to walk.

Tiger Woods confesses how his son Charlie outperforms him

The similarities in the playing style of Tiger Woods and his son Charlie Woods are evident. The PGA Tour highlighted them in a video when they debuted as a pair at the PNC Championship, with a similar style in their stance and the way they swing, with the position in which they finish.

Tiger confessed in an interview that he feels his son surpasses him when they were both 13 years old and acknowledged that he did not have the same speed, in addition to finding very similar movements in the way they push, even prior to their tournament together, he acknowledged that he has come to surpass him in some shots.

“I hate to say it, but I’m going to admit, he’s done it. A few weeks ago I didn’t hit him right, and he hit a bomb that caught me,” Tiger declared.