A big problem identified in the QSI project, he gives a helping hand to PSG

Passionate about sport, cinema and television (on screen and behind it) since childhood, Bernard has been a journalist for 10 Sport since 2018. More skilful with the keyboard in hand than with the ball, he decided to mainly cover a much-loved sport, criticized and hated both (football) and a sport that is not (wrestling).

In recent years, many PSG titis have left the capital in order to get more playing time elsewhere. This is particularly the case of Abdoulaye Kamara, who left for Borussia Dortmund in the summer of 2021. Despite his departure, the 18-year-old defensive midfielder advises the young players still present not to be impatient.

Kingsley Coman, Tanguy Kouassi, Adil Aouchiche, Xavi simons… Since the arrival of Qatar, PSG have seen several of their nuggets leave the capital in order to increase their playing time. Some indeed prefer to move away from the five-star workforce of the PSG to try to impose itself elsewhere, this is particularly the case ofAbdoulaye Kamaragone to Borussia Dortmund in the summer of 2021. Almost two years later, the young defensive midfielder, now 18, does not regret his choice, but he is lenient with the use of young people by the PSG.

“When we sit down, think and see the players in front of us, we have to wait our turn”

It was still a little hard to get us to play. There are many great players in Paris. Sometimes we are frustrated not to return to certain matches but when we sit down, think and see the players ahead of us, we have to wait our turn. I didn’t feel like he didn’t want to give us a chance. It was more the workforce at his disposal that forced him to make these choices “, explain Abdoulaye Kamara, questioned by The Parisian.

“You have to be patient”

Thus, despite his departure, the player of the Borussia Dortmund pushes the young hopefuls of the PSG bide their time, and be patient. “ We must not pretend to say that you have the level to play in front of guys who already have ten or fifteen years of career. You can’t say you’re stronger than so and so. You have to be patient and if you’re not ready for that, you choose to take another path. One might think that what I say is contradictory, because I left. But from the moment you made the decision to stay in the workforce, you have to be patient. You know the caliber of the players in front of you. I hear a lot of people say that they don’t give young people a chance. I don’t see it like that “, he confides.