Chris Rock to respond to Will Smith’s slap in Netflix pre-Oscars special

Chris Rockwill finally talk about Will Smith‘s Oscar slap almost a year after it took place for the entire world to see. He’ll do it via a Netflix stand up special.

The show, titled ‘Chris Rock: Selective Outrage’, will be the platform’s first live stream and will take place on 4 March.

Rock will be joined by Amy Schumer, Jerry Seinfeld and Leslie Jones during the performance.

“If you were waiting to see Chris Rock tackle the infamous Will Smith slapping situation… the comedian is set to tell his own humorous version in his Netflix live special,” a source told Page Six.

The source said Rock has been working with veteran comedy writers to make sure his slapstick jokes are solid and funny.

“People need to tune in to every last joke, they won’t be disappointed,” the source continued.

What is ‘Selective Outrage’?

The special will be filmed at the Hippodrome Theatre in Baltimore. It airs a week before the Academy Awards on 12 March.

‘Selective Outrage’ is a phrase Rock has used repeatedly on recent shows when describing Will Smith’s slap.

A Wall Street Journal reporter said that on one prep show, Rock devoted about five minutes to Will and the slap, linking it between jokes about the phrase ‘victim’ and ‘the dating habits of women of different ages’.

“Chris is a very sharp commentator. That’s why pundits will refer to and quote things he’s said. But that’s not the same as him talking about his deepest dark feelings. That’s not who he is,” Noam Dworman, owner of Comedy Cellar, told the Journal.