Joe Biden’s tweet that has incensed Tesla fans

Whether willingly or unwillingly, Joe Bidenhas once again fired up the Tesla faithful with his latest social media post about electromobility in the United States.

The President has previous when it comes to rubbing fans of Elon Musk‘s company – and even Musk himself – the wrong way by snubbing Tesla when discussing the future of cars.

“Not a bad place to test the electric future of the American auto industry,” reads the tweet, which shows a Jeep Wrangler 4xe (plug-in hybrid) on the White House lawn.

As expected, the message has sparked reactions of all kinds… and from both sides regarding electric mobility.

The most eloquent are those who allude to the electric capacity of the vehicle pictured… which is barely 40 kilometers.

Tesla fans furious

But those who have shown the most indignation have been, once again, Tesla fans, who consider Elon Musk‘s company to be the real driving force behind the shift towards electric mobility in the United States.

And not without reason, since in 2022 Tesla was the leading manufacturer of electric cars worldwide and the largest in the U.S. with a huge gap over the rest. In fact, 65% of the electric cars sold there are Teslas.

This is an old feud between the Biden administration and Musk, who don’t exactly have the closest possible relationship.

The South African has always demanded recognition for his work as a driver of electromobility in the United States, while the president has always leaned towards the big traditional manufacturers, both General Motors and, in this case, Jeep, the American 4×4 brand of Stellantis.

“Is that a Tesla?”; “And where is Tesla?”; “I don’t see any Tesla there”; “So…. Is that a Tesla you’ve driven?”. These are some of the responses that President Biden‘s followers have left him as comments to his message.

Just before an important date for Tesla

The American president’s message also comes at a delicate time for Tesla, which is tonight facing a litmus test for its future.

On Investor Day, Tesla will have to mark out the short-term path of its business in front of its shareholders.

Elon Musk is expected to strike hard to restore confidence in his brand, which, although it continues to add commercial successes, faces increasing competition both outside and inside the U.S. borders.

Within the country, Musk does not exactly have the presidential favor, either.

This is the penultimate chapter in a saga that, in its latest episodes, has gone up a notch. For context here, we should never forget the infamous ‘Twitter Files’ scandal which saw Biden’s son implicated.