Dani Alves subject of fresh accusation: He invited me to a private room

Dani Alves remains in jail after being accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a Barcelona nightclub but now there is a fresh claim against him.

He is awaiting his trial but is being held in custody. A testimony from another girl has appeared, though.

She claims that eight years ago in the same location, Alves tried to assault her in the same way he allegedly did for the existing charge.

She has shared a TikTok video which has since been deleted wherein she explained what happened during a night out in Barcelona with her friends.

“With everything that has happened recently with the Dani Alves issue, quite a few of my close people have been surprised when I told them that when I was 18 I had a similar experience with the same person, in the same place,” she began.

“I was 18, I was in Sutton, in the same nightclub and the pattern was initially the same: he invited me and my friend to his private room and so on. We totally passed it up, we went our own way. But what amazes me is that this person has been doing the same thing, with the same pattern, for years, in the same place, for years, because mine was eight years ago”, she says.

This clearly means that she is not saying Alves assaulted her. She is saying that her experience talking to him sounds very similar to the case that is currently being heard.