Prince Harry’s book leads to doubled demand for beard transplants

Prince Harry appears to have become a style icon for lots of men after he released his memoir ‘Spare’.

Whilst Harry himself has not had a beard transplant, his close up pose on the cover of the book showing his short beard seems to have had an effect on the male population.

It is no secret that lots of men travel to Turkey for what they perceive as being the best or cheapest hair transplants. The demand for bear transplants has been growing rapidly and EsteNove in Istanbul thinks it is down to Harry‘s look, with men willing to pay 2,500 pounds to have it.

EsteNove co-founder Batuhan Kizilcan told MailOnline: “Interest in beard transplants has been growing steadily over the last few years as more people become aware of the procedure.

“But in recent weeks, this has exploded. The number of transplants we are carrying out has increased by 100 per cent, and we have christened it the ‘Prince Harry effect’.

“At the moment, the name on everyone’s lips is Prince Harry. People are specifically citing the picture on the front of his new book. Our clients think his beard makes him look rugged and masculine and they want to achieve similar results.”

He also began to explain that problems with facial hair have been a growing concern among men, slowly catching up with concerns over head baldness.

“It is very common for people to have to display or develop gaps in their facial hair which makes it look patchy or straggly,” he said.

“Sometimes, beard hair grows at a very slow or inconsistent pace. More often than not, this has a genetic background. The face can look very empty, with patches of hair here and there.”