Vincent Ponsot’s big update on Sonny Anderson

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Olympique Lyonnais is not having an easy season. In the field, the team led by Laurent Blanc alternates the good and the less good. Some players are not spared by the supporters. And they are not alone. Management is also singled out with Bruno Cheyrou (recruitment manager) in the front line. Until then preserved, Vincent Ponsot does not escape criticism either. During the demonstration organized on February 12 by several groups of supporters before the match against Lens, the OL football director was asked to leave. But he holds on and wants to succeed in putting OL back on track. This is the message he passed yesterday on the set of the show As long as there are Gones.

Ponsot details Anderson’s exact role

The opportunity to discuss the transfer window and the known failures this winter to recruit a number 6. But the Rhone leader defended the recruitment cell, which was much criticized. “You have to take into account the strategy of the club. We are investing in the training center and we have 14 recruiters for the academy. This cell also does post-training. I can hear on the territories, but with the data, I am not sure that today it is the model of the best clubs, apart from English. We also want to rely on our ties with Brazil, for example. Our scouts do the field work. This is a subject on which we discuss with Sonny Anderson, on the issue of numbers. If there is need, we will do it, it is not a problem, but we need a real justification.

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Regarding the Brazilian, appointed adviser to OL Groupe last week, Vincent Ponsot was very clear.“We had a lot of applications, some of which were quite surprising given their speech about us. But Sonny filled in boxes, especially in relation to Lyon-La Duchère because it’s important, we want a strong partner club and we want him to continue with them (…) I understand the questions. It depends on what is expected of him. He is an external adviser, with a freedom of tone. It’s a bit like with Bernard Lacombe, even if there are different aspects with Sonny..

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The Brazilian will have to find his place

He pursues : “We ask him to have this outside eye, he will have a step back. He represents a lot of things at OL. I think that through his past as a player, he will bring us. We will ask him about things, but he too will be able to tell us when he notices something. He will intervene at the request of Laurent Blanc. He will participate in the recruitment, but he will not replace Bruno (Cheyrou) or Laurent. He may have an eye with his other assignment at beIN Sports. I think he will have no problem saying things. Inside, we must express ourselves, but outside, we must be united.

Ponsot concludes: “I saw him on Friday to work on adjustments to the sports organization chart. He will come to Brazil at the end of March with us. We are also thinking about the best way to create synergy with the Pelé Academy. It will also be necessary to create relations with Laurent Blanc.” Sonny Anderson will also have to collaborate with the future sporting director. “We have a reflection on the organization chart and on other subjects because it requires an update. We don’t want to rush. I knew OL with Bruno Genesio and Florian Maurice, we divided things up and it worked. Conversely, Juninho was sporting director for three years and we did not have any results. “Juni” did not succeed in everything but OL made big sales thanks to him with Lucas Paqueta and Bruno Guimarães. Lyon are now counting on Sonny Anderson to continue to successfully explore the Brazilian sector.

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