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The 2023 Formula 1 world championship begins this weekend in Bahrain, with yet another dry and warm weekend expected in the desert.

There has never been a wet session at the Bahrain International Circuit across 19 separate race weekends held at the venue. The island Gulf nation rarely receives a drop of rain, holding one of the lowest annual precipitation levels of any country on the planet.

It’s hardly surprising, then, that there will not be any rain this weekend, with a zero percent chance of precipitation during the three day start to the 2023 season.

Instead, teams can expect to see conditions near identical to the ones they experienced last week in the pre-season test – warm, dry and relatively low wind speeds.

Friday will see a maximum of 25C and a low of 15C in the evening, with wind speeds expected around 5-15km/h, which will be lower than earlier in the week. Qualifying should take place when the conditions are at their coldest during the week, but only with a low of 14C.

Race day will see temperatures reach a maximum of 26 degrees, the hottest point they will be through the race weekend. If that holds true, that will make this weekend’s race the warmest race in Bahrain since the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix, the first of two back-to-back races held at the venue.

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Temperatures at this round have been cooler and more consistent since it became a night race in 2014. This will be Bahrain’s 11th race under lights – including the extra round held in 2020 on the ‘Outer’ circuit configuration, dubbed the Sakhir Grand Prix.

The lower temperatures are a mercy to the team’s new cars, as this round was routinely one of the most punishing when it was held during the day. The 2005 Bahrain Grand Prix, reputedly the hottest F1 race ever held, took place in sweltering 42C temperatures, with 57C recorded on the asphalt. Fernando Alonso took victory for Renault.

Average race day temperature ranges in 2022: 24-26C ambient, 33-37C track.

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