PSG: New controversy in Marseille, he betrayed OM for … Mbappé

This Sunday, February 26, took place the last Classic of the year at the Vélodrome between OM and PSG. Victory without appeal for PSG, winner 3-0 thanks to a double from Kylian Mbappé and a goal from Lionel Messi. A success that places the Marseillais eight points behind their opponent, and which seems to put an end to their title hopes. While the PSG players celebrated their victory on social networks, a controversy erupted because of an unfortunate like from an OM hope on a photo of Kylian Mbappé.

“WE ARE PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN”: this is the message posted by Kylian Mbappe on instagram after the resounding victory of PSG facing theOM at the end of the 25th day of League 1. A post, which was liked by Enzo Sternal, born in 2007, and nugget of the OM training center. And this like was not missed by the Marseille supporters, who attacked him.

“I will give everything for these colors”

Aware of the problem of this like, the young Marseille hopeful removed it, before affirming that he wanted to give everything for the Olympian colors: “ I am a player of this great club that is OM, a fan from the start and I will give everything for these colors. »

” I want to apologize “

In a story posted on his account instagram, Enzo Sternal apologized: “I would like to apologize for liking an inappropriate post and reiterate my apologies to all the supporters and the club! »