Premier League crisis club of the week: Chelsea

Another week, and the same club in crisis.

That’s right, this week’s ‘Premier League crisis club of the week’ is Chelsea…again.

And here’s why:

What’s the crisis?

Chelsea spent £600m on new players and they’re currently:

That is very much what we at 90min like to call a ‘crisis’.

On this edition of Son of Chelsea, part of the 90min podcast network, Daniel Childs reacts to Chelsea’s latest defeat to Tottenham Hotspur and discusses Graham Potter’s job security. If you can’t see this embed, click here to listen to the podcast!

Why are they in crisis?

Graham Potter and his inability to work with what is a rather bloated squad.

The recruitment of players has been very odd, we addressed that in the crisis club of the week articles last week, but Potter’s insistence to moan about how many players he has at his disposal rather than actually be positive and try to get the best out of them has been a huge issue.

The players look flat and uninspired, and look like a team devoid of leadership from their manager.

What can they do to rectify it?

Three words:

Sack Graham Potter.

It’s just not working, and it doesn’t look like it will ever work.

Potter pointed to Mikel Arteta being under pressure at one point during his tenure, but the key difference between the pair is that Arteta had the safeguard of an FA Cup triumph at Arsenal and had shown ability to win through that. Potter hasn’t. That’s an issue.

As AFTV legend Claude once beautifully said: “IT’S TIME TO GOOOOOOOOO”.