Shakira fan travels from Italy to Barcelona and to ask the artist to sign his Renault Twingo

In recent months, Shakira’s life has changed a lot. Following her separation from Gerard Piqu, the singer has released several songs in which she has criticized everything and everyone involved in the breakup. Thanks to these songs, the singer from Barranquilla has received visits at her home in Barcelona from fans from all over the world. One of them, however, went much further.

Italian fan’s trip to get Shakira to sign his Twingo

In a video posted on TikTok and already viral on social networks, the user pakyd2 shared with his followers the video of his trip from Italy to Catalonia (Spain). After the long journey, which he made in his Renault Twingo, the man stood in front of Shakira’s house and waited for the artist’s arrival.

After a while, the Colombian arrived in her van and the fan asked for a signature on the body of the vehicle, which became famous after the Session #53 with Bizarrap. In the song Shakira takes a shot at Pique for swapping his Ferrari for a Twingo.

It was Tonino Mebarak, the singer’s brother, who came out and took the object and brought it into the house while the Italian was waiting outside.

After a while, Tonino returned with the signed part of the car. “Love” and “Shak” were the words which accompanied a heart drawn by the singer on the Twingo.

Shakira’s first interview after the separation

Meanwhile, the artist will offer her first interview after the breakup with Piqu on Monday night on a Mexican television station. Shakira will speak to ‘Las Estrellas’ at 10:30 p.m. Mexican time. There is much anticipation about what the singer will say about her situation.